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From the author and creator of You Must Write a Book (and 50 other books), 1.75 million copies sold, and 3 million words written, and an Amazon featured author comes the You Must Write a Book Live Coaching Course.

“The You Must Write a Book Course is absolutely amazing. Honorée provides insightful (and often funny and quirky) content and valuable tips, advice, and guidance on how to become a successful, income-earning author, AND how to increase sales for your business. After reading, You Must Write a Book I was inspired to write my book for my company, Wish Granted! I wasn’t sure if I should take the course as I had read the book, but the live coaching and direct answers to my questions have proven to be well worth it; like 100x worth it. I am super pleased that I have invested in this course, as I have no doubt that it will exponentially increase business revenue and sales of my books, as well helped me create my new series that Honorée has given me personalized guidance on! If you even have a slight consideration of taking this course, stop thinking about and just go for it. You will not be disappointed.” ~Holly Rustick, owner of WEGO Grants and author (Erica Sand) of the Sojourning Soul Series

Crafting, writing, publishing, launching, and marketing a book is complex. With a simple process and an expert to answer your questions, you stand the best chance of getting it done—and sooner than you think. Becoming an author changed the course of my life for the better, and I know that it can do the same for you. If you’re on the same page, then You Must Write a Book Live Coaching Course might be for you!

I joined the You Must Write A Book Live Coaching Course expecting to learn about book marketing, and I’ve been completely blown away by how much Honoree has taught us! She has covered so many topics I didn’t expect including branding, business strategy and so much more. Honoree is an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. Not only does she know her stuff, but she walks the talk! She launched her newest book in the middle of the course, and shared all of her launch and marketing strategies with us in real time! I now have a solid plan and strategy for launching my book — I know exactly what to do step by step! I really couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks, Honorée! ~Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, Author of The Fifth Vital Sign: Master Your Cycles and Optimize Your Fertility

Honorée Corder’s You Must Write a Book Course is hands-down the best investment I’ve ever made. I’m an adjunct math professor and I cannot tell you how FREAKED OUT I was about putting down the money to pay for this course, but it’s absolutely 100% worth it. Here are a few reasons:

1. Honorée is crazy smart. If you’ve ever read Honorée’s books, you already know that she’s smart. But OMG, she is freaking smart. She is the person you want giving you advice. She’s real-world-let’s-figure-out-how-to-make-this-happen smart. She’ll help you figure out how to take what you’ve got and fix, tweak, grow, and transform it until it’s bigger and better than you ever thought possible. I’m serious — I thought my goals were out-of-this-world unrealistic before I started this course… and, honestly, at that point they probably were. Now, 8 classes in, I have a concrete game plan to make it all happen and it’s totally realistic.

2. Honorée has so many brilliant ideas, insights, and advice. Each week, I block off 2 hours after our class to organize and get on paper the many, many, many brilliant, life-altering ideas that have come from class: ways to make my book better, my website better, my branding better, my networking better, my time management better, my email list auto-responder sequence better, my launch week game plan better. There are just so many ideas and tips that come from each class that it’s incredible.

3. Honorée is inspiring. If you’ve ever read any of Honoree’s books, you also know that she’s a super inspiring person. And she is just like that in the course! There is so much to do to publish a book that it can be overwhelming, but her class is a weekly burst of positive energy that keeps me motivated and inspired all week long.

4. I felt the course paid for itself after the first class. Ultimately, the math is what made me decide to make the leap and take the course: It’s $5,000, which seems like a lot. BUT… I figured that if I take home $10 per book I sell, then I’ll only have to sell an extra 500 books to break even on this course. After the 1st class, I told my husband — yup, the class already paid for itself! Now, 8 classes in, I can tell you it probably has paid for itself 10x or 50x or 100x over. I can’t put a number on the future income I’ll gain from everything I’ve learned, but I know it’s huge enough that the price tag of the course is nothing in comparison. 

5. Last, it’ll save you time. I’m pretty sure I could’ve spent a decade learning through trial and error what I’ve learned these last two months. 

Honorée kicks ass. I absolutely, 100% recommend her You Must Write A Book course. ~Allison Dillard

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Included in this course:

EIGHT (8) weekly 75-minute group coaching sessions (including 15 minutes of Q&A) that include detailed information on:

    • What to do before you put pen to paper

    • Identifying your book’s ideal reader (your avatar) and why that is crucial to your book’s long-term success

    • Intentionally crafting the contents of your book

    • How to write the book as quickly and easily as possible, or finding the right help

    • Publishing like a pro: exactly how to make your book indistinguishable from traditional publishing (and access to my bench of awesome, seasoned professionals)

    • Having a successful launch (so the book sells forever, online and offline)

    • How to market your book and market with your book

    • How to find, hire, and manage the team you need

    • How to turn the contents of your book into multiple streams of income

    • Social Media and your online presence

  • and much more! I share information not shared in any interview, blog post, or in any of my ten books on writing, and I work with you on exactly how to maximize your book even before you publish it.

TWO (2) 30-minute 1-1 coaching sessions

ONE (1) copy of You Must Write a Book: Boost Your Brand, Get More Business, and Become the Go-To Expert and I Must Write My Book: The Companion Workbook to You Must Write a Book (a digital or physical copyyour preference)

DATES: Next session starts April 2, 2019. Deadline to apply is March 22nd (or when the session is full).

Future 2019 session dates: June 4th & September 3rd

INVESTMENT: $5,000 one-time payment or two payments of $2,650.

Participants can also purchase additional 1-1 time for $500/30 minutes (50% off my normal coaching rate)

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