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How to Craft, Write, Publish, Launch, & Market Your Book
to Boost Your Brand, Get Your Business and Become the Go-to Expert

(FORMERLY: the You MUST Write a Book LIVE Coaching Course)

From the author and creator of You Must Write a Book (and 50 other books), over 2 million copies sold*, more than 3.5 million words written, and an Amazon featured author comes Indie Author University (formerly the You Must Write a Book Live Coaching Course), and the gold-standard resource for self-publishing your book: Publishing Ph.D. In just eight weeks, you’ll have the equivalent of a Ph.D. in indie publishing and the knowledge you need to write, publish, and market your book for long-term success.

*More than 4 million total, if you count The Miracle Morning book series titles. But who’s counting? 🙂

The next
Publishing Ph.D. LIVE
is coming soon!

You can write and publish a book that boosts your brand, helps you to get more business than ever before, and position *you* as the go-to expert!

Indie Author University’s Publishing Ph.D. Course is a live, guided, step-by-step Course … online!

What does that mean?

  • I walk you through my personal process for crafting, writing, publishing, launching, and marketing books. The same one I’ve used personally more than 50 times, with The Miracle Morning book series, and dozens of experts and professionals.

  • You get access to me during 8 ZOOM video sessions, as well as 1-1. Twelve (12) hours of *live* teaching, plus 1 hour of 1-1 coaching.

  • You receive dozens of tools and resources to make becoming an author pleasurable and fun (instead of stressful and confusing).

  • I introduce you to my team of vetted professionals who are the best at what they do (including editors, graphic designers, copywriters, and more).

  • You’ll be an author, faster and easier than you can possibly imagine!

Here’s a peek into what being an author will look like:

  • You’ll have a book to handout, which means you’ll stand out!

  • You’ll generate more business than ever before, faster and easier, and for more money!

  • You’ll have access to people and situations only available to authors.

Just getting to know me?

Hi! I’m Honorée Corder, executive and strategic book coach, TEDx speaker, and author of more than 50 books (including You Must Write a Book). I provide group and one-on-one strategic book coaching to business professionals who want to write, publish, and market their books to bestseller status, create a platform, and develop multiple streams of income. I’ve worked with 15-time World Series of Poker Champion Phil Hellmuth on his newest book #POSITIVITY, the “Meanest Woman Alive” Linda Smith, Explosive Growth in Real Estate author Ryan Snow, Giftology author John Ruhlin, Dr. Michael Brown, author of Love is the Way…and dozens more, including Hal Elrod (we partnered to expand The Miracle Morning into The Miracle Morning book series).

I’ve been featured in the media, including in Forbes, and here are dozens of other interviews and read articles featuring me here.

Honorée Corder’s Indie Author University Publishing Ph.D. Course is hands-down the best investment I’ve ever made. I’m an adjunct math professor and I cannot tell you how FREAKED OUT I was about putting down the money to pay for this course, but it’s absolutely 100% worth it. Here are a few reasons:

1. Honorée is crazy smart. If you’ve ever read Honorée’s books, you already know that she’s smart. But OMG, she is freaking smart. She is the person you want giving you advice. She’s real-world-let’s-figure-out-how-to-make-this-happen smart. She’ll help you figure out how to take what you’ve got and fix, tweak, grow, and transform it until it’s bigger and better than you ever thought possible. I’m serious — I thought my goals were out-of-this-worldunrealistic before I started this course… and, honestly, at that point they probably were. Now, 8 classes in, I have a concrete game plan to make it all happen and it’s totally realistic.

2. Honorée has so many brilliant ideas, insights, and advice. Each week, I block off 2 hours after our class to organize and get on paper the many, many, many brilliant, life-altering ideas that have come from class: ways to make my book better, my website better, my branding better, my networking better, my time management better, my email list auto-responder sequence better, my launch week game plan better. There are just so many ideas and tips that come from each class that it’s incredible.

3. Honorée is inspiring. If you’ve ever read any of Honoree’s books, you also know that she’s a super inspiring person. And she is just like that in the course! There is so much to do to publish a book that it can be overwhelming, but her class is a weekly burst of positive energy that keeps me motivated and inspired all week long.

4. I felt the course paid for itself after the first class. Ultimately, the math is what made me decide to make the leap and take the course: It’s $5,000, which seems like a lot. BUT… I figured that if I take home $10 per book I sell, then I’ll only have to sell an extra 500 books to break even on this course. After the 1st class, I told my husband — yup, the class already paid for itself! Now, 8 classes in, I can tell you it probably has paid for itself 10x or 50x or 100x over. I can’t put a number on the future income I’ll gain from everything I’ve learned, but I know it’s huge enough that the price tag of the course is nothing in comparison.

5. Last, it’ll save you time. I’m pretty sure I could’ve spent a decade learning through trial and error what I’ve learned these last two months.

Honorée kicks ass. I absolutely, 100% recommend her You Must Write A Book course. ~Allison Dillard, Mathematics Professor, and author of Crush Math Now, Irvine Valley College

“Honorée Corder’s Publishing Ph.D. Live course is an absolute game changer for professionals and experts who want to get their book written, published, and optimized for the marketplace quickly, profitably, and efficiently. Honorée combines a fun, down to earth teaching style with an unparalleled depth of knowledge about all aspects of the self- publishing world. And the two half hour 1-1 sessions where she focuses on exactly what you need are absolutely priceless! I can think of no one else out there who can match her level of expertise. If you need guidance in writing, self-publishing or marketing a book, this is the only course you’ll ever need.” ~Mary O’Donohue, Bestselling Author and Media Coach for Authors  

“The Indie Author University’s Publishing Ph.D. Course is absolutely amazing. Honorée provides insightful (and often funny and quirky) content and valuable tips, advice, and guidance on how to become a successful, income-earning author, AND how to increase sales for your business. After reading, You Must Write a Book I was inspired to write my book for my company, Wish Granted! I wasn’t sure if I should take the course as I had read the book, but the live coaching and direct answers to my questions have proven to be well worth it; like 100x worth it. I am super pleased that I have invested in this course, as I have no doubt that it will exponentially increase business revenue and sales of my books, as well helped me create my new series that Honorée has given me personalized guidance on! If you even have a slight consideration of taking this course, stop thinking about and just go for it. You will not be disappointed.” ~Holly Rustick, owner of WEGO Grants and author (Erica Sand) of the Sojourning Soul Series

I just finished Honoree’s Course, and it was everything I needed and didn’t know I needed!  I’ve always known I “have a book in me.” What I didn’t know was everything you have to do once you actually sit down and write it.  Honoree walks you through the mechanics of everything you need to consider from start to finish. But it’s not just the writing of the book. That’s a small portion of it….her beauty comes in helping you understand everything you need to do to launch the book well: Timelines, editors, marketing, ranking, printing and all the other things you need to consider.

I had an idea of the book I wanted to write. She helped me understand that I needed to focus the book on a very particular “avatar.” This idea alone was worth the price of admission. It helped me get the book concept focused on my exact audience. I knew exactly what I needed to say to them. I really thought the work would be done once the book was written. She helped me understand there are 3 critical phases to the book. The first is getting it published (this isn’t just the words on the page, it’s the designers, editors and the launch team), then you have the first 31 days of launch (the MOST important) on Amazon. Finally, you have the 3rd phase which she calls “The Rest of Your Life” which includes how to market/promote/use your book to further your goals.

The course was recorded so I can go back and review the materials as needed as I go through this journey. There were people in the course from all phases of their book writing: Some like me that hadn’t started word to paper up to attendees that were getting ready to market and launch their first book on Amazon. No matter where you are in your process, you’ll find very valuable information in her Course! ~Michael Nelson, CEO & Founder, TLC Tech

“As a new author writing my first book I’ve tried to educate myself. I have read all the books, joined all the groups and listened to all the podcasts to learn how to successfully write and publish the books that will become the cornerstone of my business. It’s a daunting task just to get the words written and published and more so when expectations for the post-publishing life of those books are so high. I’ve found Honoree’s Indie Author University’s Publishing Ph.D. Course extremely valuable as it has helped me take all of that knowledge and evaluate it from the perspective of someone that has been through this exact path many times. Honoree then goes above and beyond by adding that unique value and knowledge that only comes from experience. If you want to write and publish a book that sells and becomes the foundation of a broader strategy to build a business, whatever your business may be; you won’t find a better coach or program.” ~Matt Overlund, Author, Stop Pulling the Ship

Crafting, writing, publishing, launching, and marketing a book is complex. With a simple process and an expert to answer your questions, you stand the best chance of getting it done—and sooner than you think. Becoming an author changed the course of my life for the better, and I know that it can do the same for you. If you’re on the same page, then You Must Write a Book Live Coaching Course might be for you!

I joined the Indie Author University’s Publishing Ph.D. Live Course expecting to learn about book marketing, and I’ve been completely blown away by how much Honoree has taught us! She has covered so many topics I didn’t expect including branding, business strategy and so much more. Honoree is an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. Not only does she know her stuff, but she walks the talk! She launched her newest book in the middle of the course, and shared all of her launch and marketing strategies with us in real time! I now have a solid plan and strategy for launching my book — I know exactly what to do step by step! I really couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks, Honorée! ~Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, Author of The Fifth Vital Sign: Master Your Cycles and Optimize Your Fertility

I recently completed Honoree’s Indie Author University’s Publishing Ph.D. Live Course, and I could not be more pleased with the learning I took away from it. Initially, I was hesitant to sign up for the course because I had already completed the writing and editing phases, and I was about to begin marketing the book. Honoree assured me I would derive benefit beyond marketing knowledge, and she was absolutely correct! As a first-time author, I had no idea how many decisions—both large and small—were still in front of me. Honoree was there every step of the way to alert me to, and guide me through, each of them. She even helped me navigate through (and correct) several challenging situations related to decisions I had made earlier in the book writing process.

Honorée is clearly THE subject matter expert on this topic. But it’s not just her knowledge I valued—it was also her approach to facilitating each session. Her style is highly engaging and interactive. As one would expect, she enters each session with a pre-determined topic area and agenda, but she strikes a wonderful balance between covering the planned content and allowing for appropriate tangential discussions and “sidebar” conversations. Honoree realizes everyone’s objectives for taking a course of this nature are different, and she is highly skilled at maximizing learning for the collective group while ensuring each individual’s personal questions are addressed.

Additionally, Honorée seems to be always fine-tuning and perfecting her craft. She consistently sought feedback on what was working well for us, and how the Course could be modified to be even better the next time around. Her professionalism and quest for perfection serve her well. Whether you are a first-time author or an experienced writer, I would highly recommend you take this course. You will undoubtedly learn a great deal about writing, publishing, and marketing your book, and will not regret the decision.  —Mitch Duckler, Managing Partner, FullSurge

See what my other clients have said about working with me on their books.

I’ve written millions of words and sold almost two million books. Self-publishing is my jam and I love it. And, I love helping people become authors. Authors are cool. Books are fun. I love what I do and I hope it shows!


This Course is all about you–and helping you become an author with the knowledge you need every step of the way!

This Course is for you, if:

  • You want to write a book but you have no idea where to start. You don’t know what to consider before you write your book, how to write it, what you need to do to publish it professionally (while retaining creative, content, timing, and monetary control), how to launch it, and you’re unclear which marketing strategies really sell books.

  • You’re working on a book but have no plan of how it’s going to bring in business. You’ve been told you can’t make money from a book, and the person who told you probably hasn’t made any money from their book. They were right and wrong. They didn’t know what to do, and they know you probably don’t either.

  • You’ve written a book but it’s not selling or the sales are underwhelming. You put your heart, soul, time, and money into your book and it is not earning you royalties or bringing in the business you thought it would. The vision you had for your book, the picture in your head, has simply not come to fruition.

  • You wonder if you are even qualified to write a book. You know having a book can boost your brand and position you as an expert, yet you’re not sure if you should write a book.

If you don’t write your book:

  • You’ll miss out on the awesomeness that is being an author—along with all of the benefits having a book can bring to your life and business.

  • You’re going to have to work harder to generate new clients and business. By virtue of having a book, you will automatically be bringing in more business and be able to charge higher fees.

  • You won’t be able to help as many people without a book. The impact of your knowledge and expertise will be limited to those in your immediate sphere of influence. You’re an expert–you have knowledge and training and education and expertise, and you’ve poured it into your book because you know if someone will just read it (or recognize you’re the expert who can help them), the world will be a better place. You win, they win, the world wins.

  • You’ll leave money on the table that you could have made…from book sales, business you don’t generate, and so much more.

A Little of My Story

I wrote my first book (the title will remain un-named—yes, it was that bad!), which I later re-published after learning what I didn’t know I didn’t know.

I met Mark Victor Hansen, and when I told him I was a coach and a speaker, he said: “Everyone is a coach and a speaker! You must write a book!” I took his advice, but I didn’t know everything I needed to know. What I’ve learned after making every mistake possible, publishing 51 books, and selling almost two million copies, I share in this Course.

I sold 11,000 copies of the re-do of my first book, Tall Order! in three weeks. I share *exactly* how I did that. I started charging more for my executive and business coaching services, keynote speeches, and corporate training seminars. And I turned The Successful Single Mom into a six-book series, course, certification program, and so much more. And that, my future author friend, was just the beginning!

Writing great books, and selling them, is no accident!

I built my book business empire one step at a time. The process of writing a book is duplicable, as is selling lots and lots of books (and turning them into multiple streams of income)!

Here’s what you get in Indie Author University’s Publishing Ph.D. Live Course:

  • EIGHT 90-minute weekly coaching sessions, via ZOOM, recorded and distributed after each session with homework and resources.

  • TWO 1-1 30-minute coaching sessions, and additional coaching sessions at 50% off of my public rate of $2000/hour.

  • ONE (1) copy each of You Must Write a Book: Boost Your Brand, Get More Business, and Become the Go-To Expert and I Must Write My Book: The Companion Workbook to You Must Write a Book (a digital or physical copy—your preference (physical copies U.S. only)

  • Course materials that include dozens of resources, templates, and connections.

  • A private Slack group that includes a community of past participants—all of whom are amazing folks!

  • The ability to repeat the Course every time I teach it (four times a year at no additional charge, ever) so you can learn what you need right when you need it, and refine and dive deeper as you’re ready to write more books!

Every week of the Course is filled with practical, strategic, and tactical information:

Week 1: Stage 1: Crafting Your Book

Every bestselling book begins with intention and purpose. With clarity, you’ll design a book that is easier to write and fun to market. Includes: 

~Mindset. Have you heard you can’t make money from book sales? I disagree and will help you make the mental leap.

~It’s all about marketing. You’ll learn the two phases of book marketing and exactly how to navigate them.

~You need to know the 12.5 Publishing Pre-Qualifiers to ensure your book checks every box, every time.

~Who are you writing the book for and why? Your avatar must be defined so it can guide your every word.

~Learn the 3 Big Questions every aspiring author must answer before they start writing.

~Think you have the perfect title and subtitle? You might be right—I’ll teach you how to know for sure.

Week 2: Stage 2: Writing Your Book

Often “writing a book” feels like an accomplishment too challenging to conquer. In this session, we’ll break every step into manageable pieces.

~Identifying a solid book idea. We’ll make sure there’s a market for your book before you write it.

~How to get the help you need, if and when you need it.

~Outlining is a key step and the better your outline, the better your book. I share my step-by-step formula for an outrageously awesome outline.

~A book template that will help you see and feel that your book is real, from page one.

~Determine your book’s timeline. Do you want to publish your book in 100, 180, or 365 days? Using a timeline will help you to dot every ‘i’ and cross every ’t’ right when you need to.

~Learn what goes in the book and where (including: front matter, actual content, and back matter), and how to optimize it!

~Finally, having a solid book vision statement will help you stay focused and moving forward.

Week 3: Stage 3: Publishing Like a Pro

You don’t just want a book, you want a book that is indistinguishable from traditional publishing. I’ll help you to publish a book you’ll be proud of forever!

~Learn the 4 Corners of a Professionally Published Book and who you need on your team to bring it to life.

~Identifying the best keywords and categories for online retailers can ensure your book sales grow organically, and stay solid over the long-term.

~Learn the online publishing platforms and their respective formats. Having the right kind of file, formatted in the right way, can make all of the difference in your reader’s experience (and your book sales!).

~How to identify your book’s price points. You’ll learn the 9 pricing factors you need to know to find your book’s pricing sweet spot for ebook, paperback, and hardcover.

~Publish like a Publisher. You’re not going to be just an author, you’re going to be a publisher with your very own book business. I’m going to help you understand what this means and what you need to know to do it like a boss.

Week 4: Stage 4: Launch (Sub-phase: Pre-Launch)

The pre-launch piece of your launch strategy can make or break your book’s long-term sales success. I want you to know the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ so your book out-performs your expectations.

~The pre-launch focus areas:

  • Building your email list

  • Do your ART (advanced reader team) prep

  • Forming your ART, including what are good goals to set, how often to stay in touch (including my ART Email Sequenceyou can customize), and more

  • Booking podcasts and other media even before the world knows about your book, how to get on them, and the collateral materials I developed to be a “professional guest.”

~All of the pre-launch activities you need to do, and how and when to do them!

Week 5: Phase 4: Launch and Phase 5: Marketing

The launch is a fun time, but it is also critical that it is done right—I’ll walk you through, day-by-day and step-by-step exactly what to do and when and with who. Finally, we dive into marketing and I share fun and creative ways to make your book a bestseller and a best earner! I’m going to teach you how to turn your book into book sales.

~The launch: your first 30 days

~Marketing your book: the two phases of book marketing

~Social Media: which platforms move the needle, and how often to post and exactly what to post

~Your bench. You need to know who you need to know, and how to get in relationship with them. I’ll share with you how I’ve made “friends in high places” and why knowing the right people makes all the difference.

Week 6: Phase 5: Marketing

This session is all about “marketing with your book.” In other words, you need to know how to generate new customers and clients with your book.

~Marketing with your book and how to do it

~Why an email list is non-negotiable and a solid strategy for consistently building it

~You’ll learn how to create a website that showcases your knowledge, expertise, and book.

Week 7: Beyond Stage 5: Marketing, Branding & Your Book Business Bench

In addition to your book production team, you need a team of people just as any successful business person, and it is critical to run your business like a business

~You must understand business, taxes, insurance, and who you need on your team because you’re expecting success!

~Tracking. You need to track your sales, words, and more—and I provide a cool tracker made by a previous participant who is also a math professor!

~Your publishing company & logo. Successful businesses have names and logos, and you’re going to need yours. I’ll share with you how I’ve set up my businesses to give you a solid place to start.

~Creative ways to make money from your books and expertise. I’ve made millions from book sales, consulting, coaching, speaking, courses, and more. I’ll share a snapshot of my successful methods to get you started on creating your own!

Week 8: What Else You Need to Know // How to Read an Amazon Page

This is a session where I share other important miscellaneous things you need to know, I teach you how to read an Amazon page, and we do a review of everything we’ve covered.


What if I miss the calls? You can listen to the video or audio-only recordings, any time. You can submit your questions in advance of the weekly calls for what’s coming up, or what you’ve missed. The sessions are all recorded (video and audio) and emailed to you the same day along with homework.

I truly don’t want you to miss a thing! Plus, if you want to, you can repeat the Course every time I teach it. Seriously–you’ll be able to repeat it as many times as you’d like.

How much time does this take each week? How long will it take me to write my book? The weekly sessions last around 90 minutes (depending on Q&A). Reviewing the resources can take up to another hour or so. You can write and publish your book in as little as 100 days (and still be awesome), or you can take 365 days or longer. Completely up to you!

Also, please understand it will take time to craft the content of your book and get the words down on paper. Engaging the right editor(s), proofreader, and graphic designer will add time to your timeline but you can get moving on those steps as soon as you’re ready. You will need longer than 8 weeks to complete your book! This is definitely not a race! But in eight weeks you’ll learn everything you need to know, and your book will be all the better for it!

I already have a book (or I’ve already taken another self-publishing Course), so what can this possibly teach me? Unless you’ve created a solid income stream (or streams) from your book and it’s selling like crazy and generating more business than you can possibly handle, you’ll learn tons. If you’ve taken a Course from another author, they might know some of what I know, but I promise you’ll still learn tons and tons.

My personal philosophy is grounded in quality and integrity. I view every project strategically, and with a long-term focus and vision. I want every participant to write a book, do it well, and realize their vision for their book (or better). Everything I teach is based on my hands-on experience with dozens of missteps and failures thrown in (so you don’t make them).

Are you ready?

  • You have the opportunity to join the next Course Session and finally write your book! You’ll write and publish it well and it will boost your brand, help you get more business, and become known as the expert in your field. You’re going to absolutely *love* being an author!

  • You can enroll between now and have access to some advance materials, which will give you plenty of time to prep. Because this Course is live, and I spend 1-1 time with my students (as well as being available via email and text), I limit the number of new students each time. There are only making 15 spots available, and the Course will sell out!

INVESTMENT: $5,000 one-time payment or five payments of $1,100 for the 8-Week Course, including:

    • resources, how-to’s and step-by-step instructions, recordings, and homework,


    • 2 30-minute 1-1 coaching calls,

    • copies of You MUST Write a Book and I Must Write MY Book,

    • the ability to re-take the Course as many times as you’d like, and

    • some very special BONUSES not listed here.

2020 8-Week Class Start Dates: May 5th and September 8th.

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