No, divorce isn’t a game. But there are rules that can make a divorce less stressful and help create an amazing life after divorce.

If you’re going through a divorce, or have experienced the challenge of going through a divorce, and you still aren’t “over it” and living life to the fullest, you’ll greatly benefit from my book, If Divorce is a Game, These are the RulesI wrote it to help people who are divorcing, have divorced in the past two years {or when Reagan was in office}, and they are still angry, bitter and holding a grudge. Click here to read a 2-chapter sample of the book.

If this is you or someone you know, it’s time to discover the divorce rules and how they can help you move through your divorce into an amazing new life!

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And, if you’ve navigated a divorce, but still haven’t found your footing, you’ll enjoy …

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Starting your life over after divorce? Rise from the ashes to find your new blueprint.

Has divorce trashed several decades worth of plans? Having trouble restarting everything from scratch? Bestselling author Honorée Corder has been there, and she can help you create a new vision, devise a new purpose, and even find a new love.

In the follow-up to her hit book If Divorce is a Game, These Are the Rules, Honorée goes beyond surviving divorce to helping you learn how to thrive in The Divorced Phoenix. By following the author’s time-tested and no-nonsense advice, you can create a life that’s much better than anything you could’ve imaged (and that wasn’t possible if you’d stayed married).

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The Divorced Phoenix right here.

I’ve also created the Divorce Transformation Coaching Program {DTCP}, and you can learn more about it here.



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What Readers are Saying:

If Divorce is a Game, are the Rules is the book every person confronting the challenge of divorce must read. Honorée provides a step-by-step process for navigating their divorce, while assuring them they will come out the other side and be able to thrive.” ~William Reppeto, Esq., Board Certified Family Law Attorney, Orsinger Nelson Downing & Anderson, Dallas, Texas 

“As a divorce attorney, I see many of my clients struggle through the pain and difficulties of transitioning to a divorced life. After reading this book, I thought it was very well written and provided excellent guidance on handling all of the issues and trials associated with going through a divorce. I recommend this book to my clients as a great resource to help them through the process and recovery of their divorce. ” ~Edward F. Whipps, Esq., Experienced Family Law and Divorce Lawyers, Edward F. Whipps & Associates, Columbus, Ohio

“There are few life experiences more disruptive and hurtful than a divorce. If Divorce is a Game, These are the Rules provides a roadmap that can help someone going through divorce avoid many of the pitfalls that can make the healing process more prolonged. Moving from the pain to a place of peace and healing is the goal.and here will find a wealth of advice and numerous strategies and exercises that will carry to that place sooner.” ~Barbara Murphy, L.C.S.W., Vestal, New York

“If you are looking to dissolve a marriage with dignity, integrity, and respect (and teach your children principles), If Divorce is a Game is essential. Honorée captures the attention of the reader with straight forward, honest, and practical advice and coaching that, if followed, will lead to a more rational and stress-free experience.” ~Stephen Putonti, Esq., Family Practice Attorney, Putonti, Escover & Rossick; Austin, Texas

“I love this book! It is such an easy read and a great reminder for people who are going through a divorce, or who have gone through a divorce, to try to continue to look on the positive side of things. Even if they were not the person who initiated the journey, this book reminds them they will be okay!!! This feeling may not be immediate, and feeling the lows and struggles, and anger is natural in any occasion. Remember, even though you will get caught up in the ‘divorce weeds’ on occasion, don’t allow yourself to get stuck in them — use your resources (counselors, friends, family) to get out and back on your feet. Two years may seem like a very long time in the beginning; however, it flies by. Thanks for being such a great role model!” ~Jill Ozias, single mom, financial advisor 

“What a refreshing take on a time that for some could be very devastating.  The information in this book is helpful in most situations in life and could be read for the purpose of divorce or life situations.  Great book, very refreshing and just the right amount of humor!” ~Regina Harris, Entrepreneur

“Honorée Corder again uses her experience, life stories and deep understanding of divorce turmoil to create a great tool for those involved in a divorce themselves.”~Katie Davis, Online Editor for DadsDivorce.com

“A comprehensive approach to the practicalities and emotions of divorce.  A must-have guide to assist those contemplating, in the process of or recovering from a divorce.  Ms. Corder tackles difficult subjects with a touch of humor but solid information from a professional very personal perspective.” ~Sandy Wise

If Divorce is a Game is a book that should be read by all who are contemplating divorce, going through it, or those who are still not at peace with the fact that they are now divorced. The fact that the author herself has gone through a divorce gives this book much more meaning and credibility. Honorée writes in a manner that is easy to understand and fun to read without diminishing the importance of the information being presented. She tells you like it is, which is why I love all of her books! A great read and definitely very helpful!!!” ~Lucy O’Keefe

If you want to read about my work with single moms, click here. Because I have heard from so many single dads, I wrote The Successful Single Dad and even have a blog for single dads, too.


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